Do you craft online?

By that, I mean do you find craft inspiration and classes online?

I certainly do! 

Thank goodness for endless inspiration from the online world of crafting. My go-to's include Pinterest and YouTube of course, but I have also discovered a NEW source.

Enter! They go beyond scrap-booking people! They cover mixed media art, card making, journal creations, gift ideas and MORE. They've got a line up of blog posts and videos to spark any new project you hadn't even thought of. 

They are running a Mixed Media Arts Techniques class on the 14th you may want to check out! I'd love to learn more about mixed media art and am looking forward to this class in particular.

Enroll Today!

BIG deal right? Get step by step instructions, inspiration and SHOPPING all in one site! This excites me people. 

In my last YouTube video I used some die cut wood pieces that I found at The cool part when you click on something you like, take the time and check out the projects others have done with it. Even more inspiration. Like I said, one stop craft inspiration shop. 

So, venture beyond the usual realms of craft project inspiration. Check them out!

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