Exciting Announcement!


Literally I just got the email and had to share with you all... we've got a product supplies partner!!! Yahoo!!! We have partnered with Scrapbook.comand these guys offer everything from Albums and Tools to Paper and Paints!

Shop Your Fav Brands at Scrapbook.com

My passion for crafting started with scrap-booking many, many years ago. I even sold scrapbook and art supplies way back when I ran a Dollar Store in my early twenties. I got hooked once I created my first page. The love for DIY and crafting kind of ballooned from there. Now, I cannot wait to share all I have learned with you and offer certain things we make available for sale. So for those of you who don't want to make it, you can still buy it! 

We are so thrilled to have Scrapbook.com as a part of our family, go ahead and check them out, you will love their supplies as much as we do! 

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