Homemade Costume

I know I know, it's November 5th and Halloween is soooo over! Well, this is the first chance I am getting to sit down and share my homemade costume with you!

Back story...

I am a Lifeguard a couple of days a week at our local pool. What kind of a costume would be fitting there? That's right, a SHARK! So I got my creative juices going and created this:

Shark Costume

What's it made out of? 

  • A hoodie out of my closet
  • Heat register filters
  • Oil spill pads (thanks to my husbands garage!)
  • Googly eyes
  • ribbon
  • double sided tape.

That's it! 

First I lined the hoodie hood with the register filters... then I cut the teeth and lined the "gum-line" with the burgundy ribbon.

Second I took the oil spill pads and made a dorsal fin and taped it to the back.

Third, out of the same material as the fin, I made the outline of the eyes and taped the googly eyes to that. I placed the finished eyes at the top of the hood and with more double sided tape, I secured them in place.

Easy to make at home shark costume! And the kids at the pool LOVED it! The best part? When all was done, I simply removed all the embellishments and put my hoodie back in the closet! No costume to store. And if I decide to be a shark again in the future, I have all the pieces to put it back together again.




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