Pinterest Win; Love Rope & Wood Sign

I found this project on Pinterest:

And decided to try my own, smaller version to test the waters. It's not as easy as it looks and took 2 tries, well I kind of chose 2 different methods as well.

Items you will need:

The project on the photo shows a hot glue gun. Instead, I grabbed the Gorilla Glue (because seriously nothing sticks like that stuff!) well, after the first attempt with a few chosen words, many weights to hold the rope and this is what it looks like:


There had to be another way... naturally, the hammer and nails came out!

This proved to be MUCH EASIER folks! If you're good with a hammer (as in you can aim and not hit your fingers) I highly suggest going this route. Also, you may need to know a bit of cursive writing for this project. I started with the L (obviously) put a nail in and let the rest of the wording flow as the rope wanted to go. 








In the end, I'm happy with the result... I call this a Pinterest win! And the finished result is for sale in the shop... thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next blog post or project! 

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