Product Highlight; Re-Purposed Denim Tote Bag

Re-purposed Denim Tote Bag

Beautiful is the only word to describe this one of a kind bag. Re-purposing has never been more important. When clothing is worn out we don't actually know what to do with it, and when an article of clothing is worn out, we tend to toss it in the trash.

Denim being one tough fabric! So, why not save those jeans from the garbage bin and give them new life?!

Those of us who are lucky to have a denim bag made by my Mom know how tough they are!

My mom made me a backpack as a teenage and I STILL use it! Now, I added to the denim bag collection with my own tote bag made from a pair of my Dad's old Jeans. 

With the popularity of that bag came a need to make more. And of course my Mom being the creative designer that she is, came up with this beauty.


This re-purposed denim tote bag is gorgeous with the colorful patchwork and quilt design on the bag itself. The belt loops are functional and so are the pockets. There are too many fine details to even describe this true work of art. 

The catch? There's only 1. And there won't be another. This bag is impossible to replicate. BUY it HERE.

Thank you for supporting handmade! We are proud to offer Canadian Made Artisan products ranging from home decor to fashion accessories. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them. 

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