Something Old is New Again

Something Old is Something New

My mom (who is our seamstress in the Family) has created something NEW. Do you have an old shirt you loved or one that belongs to a special someone?

Well, not only does she make Memory Pillows, but she also can make hand bags and wallets from them! Now, that old is something new again! CONTACT US for these extra special custom orders. 

This bag and wallet combo were made from an old shirt! Something old is something new again!

Custom made memory bags

Jewelry with a Purpose

And, to go with the Something Old is New Again theme, I have started playing with bringing old to new again as well in the jewelry department with a bit of a Steam Punk Flare.

Steam Punk Washer Jewelry


We've got a new look too.

As our inventory and offerings grow, we felt the need to make the site a bit more user friendly and categorized by products instead of the Artisan.

Now, you will find our areas to shop in are 

And this list will grow as we grow! 

Keep checking in as we add new offerings to our little online handmade shop!

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