This Christmas, know your support means something.

Shopping for the season takes us to many places both on and offline. And your purchases mean the world to all you support! Home businesses, downtown businesses, online businesses, box stores, mom & pop shops, it's all business.
All businesses are started out of love & passion. And it is because of you that we all get to do what we do!

This Christmas, go downtown and support your local businesses or choose someone who is building their empire from home! Home based businesses take guts and a ton of work along with all the rest! 

We all do what we love, and we only get to do it because you, the customer, supports us. So, this season, do know that each and every purchase means the world to us! Big or small, it makes our day. 



From our little studio, we want to say thanks to you, our customers... And, to our partners. Without their support, we wouldn't exist either! Every time you purchase something from or Crayola or the Mason Jars Marketplace, you in turn support us as well!

The shop.

New earrings are being designed daily, check it out and see what's new! 

Also, I have decided that when you buy 4 pairs, you definitely deserve a break... therefore buy 4 and get $10 off, every time! 

AND, the woodworking shop has come up with some creative country tealight candle holders that were made from a willow tree that fell over in a storm this past summer. 

Add a little flair to your Christmas Decor with my mom's creative pot holders, aprons and these cute little snowman coasters!

From our home, to yours, we thank you so much for your support this season!

Happy Crafting!!!

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