Well Hello There!

The First Post.

"And I'd like to say hello!"

My my, this has been an awesome adventure. It all started last year when I decided to support my Mom and Myself by selling our handmade goods online.

First, a name. Wired Studio originally came from the idea of being an online artisan studio with just us two... then an idea hit me in the face a couple of months ago. Let's support MORE artisans out there! So "Wired" had a whole new meaning of connection.

"We connect people through art."

There is endless talent out there! Craftsman, Painters, Wood workers, Artisans of all kinds. It's amazing really. So, online we offer a for sale goods made by my Mom and by myself. In our studio shop, we have so many others! 

So join us on our journey and enjoy our products... Have a wonderful day!

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