About Us

Who are we?

We are Wired Studio81, an online artisan studio.Here you will find handmade artisan goods ranging from hand crafted jewelry and home decor along with custom sewn fashion and home decor.

Some of the items from the creators we collaborate with are sold in our shop, some will have links to their own shops. In the end it's all about spreading the #handmaderevolution!

Yes, there is a physical location as well where we sell handmade goods. It just happens to be in the countryside of central Alberta near a little town called Barrhead. 


Our History.

We are a family filled with passion for creating. Each with different passions; my mom's lies in sewing and mine in making jewelry and whatever else I come across in Pinterest. These passions and designs combined complete our unique online shop.

In our shop you will find our unique handmade jewelry, fashion & home decor. Relax and enjoy your time here. May you find a spark and connection with our products as everything here is handmade with purpose, pride & love.

My Mom used to make all of our clothing growing up (some of which I still wear) along with our backpacks, pencil cases and more. You name it. She made it. 

We grew up on a farm and my folks still run a farm. My Mom does everything from Running a Combine to making sure every new baby in our family has ther own personalized baby blankets! She's quite an amazing lady. And her talents are even more so.

When not helping my Dad not run the farm, you will find her in her sewing room and that's where the magic happens. 

. . . 

Myself, I started crafting and making jewelry about 5 years ago for fun. Now, I too create with a purpose and get inspiration from everywhere.

Outside of the studio, I am also a web designer. I love building online shops for other artisans! 

I'm a self proclaimed gear-head with a love for trucks, cars etc and I'd like to think that I am kind of adventurous including anything to do with power sports and travel of course. I also love skiing, Yoga, swimming (surfing) and the outdoors in general lol! Above all,  I'm a farm girl, born and raised. 

What is behind the name?

The name Wired Studio came to me as I was looking for a name to be able to sell artisan goods beyond my own products. Primarily I work through selling my products online, so wired seemed like the word to use. And the 81? Well that's the year I was born. So there you have it.

Where and when did we start? 

We started out a year ago or so showcasing my own handmade products (BBDesigns) and my Mom's talent in quilting and sewing (HBB Designs). Both of us want to share our creations and have a purpose for our creative outlet.