About Us

We are Wired! Connecting people through art is what we do.

We started out by showcasing my products (BBDesigns) and my Mom's talent in quilting and sewing (HBB Designs). It has recently grown into a studio shop where all Artisans can consign their products too! There are so many wonderful products out there handmade by wonderful people. SO the thought came to us, why not connect us all! Why not make a shop specifically for Handmade goods and support the home based Artisans out there. 

There will be days and evenings where other home based businesses will be highlighted as well. Even though these items aren't necessarily hand made, these reps still work hard to make a living from their homes. 

You will find Wired Studio in the Loft of the Wild Country Powersports building in Barrhead... CLICK HERE for Google Maps!

Growth has gone beyond the online studio and physical studio shop. We have started a monthly subscription box as well. Have hand made goods shipped to you on a monthly basis. These products can be enjoyed for yourself or shared with others. Just know that through our Box of the Month Club, you are supporting Artisans of all kinds. 

And now you're probably wondering, who's behind all this? Well, here I am in all my farm fashions ;-) My name is Baukje Strawson and I'm into many things beyond making wax melts, candles, paint and jewelry... I love dirt biking, snowmobiling, skiing, Yoga, swimming, the outdoors in general lol! And, I'm a farm girl, born and raised.